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Works of Art

That the name SFG STEELforming is synonymous with precision and quality has also been noticed by a renowned circle of national and international artists. This has led to the Burbach company lending its experienced assistance to artists in the realization of their often large-scale steel sculptures.

The famous New York artist and sculptor Richard Serra, for instance, whose huge sculptures and steel objects can be admired all over the world, has already been working with SFG STEELforming for five years. The precise, high-quality realization of his sculptures is something he really values. In September 2014, the fifth Serra sculpture “Running Arcs” left the STEELforming production plant.

For the southern German artist and sculptor Thomas Röthel, SFG STEELforming also manufactures minimalistic sculptures in solid steel which, despite their enormous weight, create the appearance of floating.

And so, from Burbach in south Westphalia, great works of art in extraordinary formats are sent out across the entire world.