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Flexibility and precision are not a contradiction – SFG STEELforming GmbH

SFG STEELforming GmbH is the youngest member of the Henrich Group. Since 2010, the company has been manufacturing customer-specific steel elements and components for a wide range of application fields at its location in Burbach / south Westphalia. Our strength lies in the production of individual “handmade” structural parts for highly complex tasks and even the largest components are manufactured with the utmost precision and most stringent tolerances.
SFG STEELforming stands for precision and quality. As a specialized niche supplier for the global market in the forming technology sector, we have extensive expertise in the processing and manufacture of complex bended parts, half shells, cones and transition pieces from round to square from many different materials and in all thicknesses and grades.

The skills of our motivated team are based on excellent technical knowledge and the ability to operate state-of-the-art high performance machines, but also on the conspicuous natural feel for traditional steel making craftsmanship. Technically, SFG STEELforming is also very well equipped: three CNC-controlled presses with up to 1,800 tons of pressing force, enabling products with a bending length of up to 10 metres to be manufactured; oxy acetylene cutting with machine plasma markers flame cuts steel materials of up to 14 x 5 metres in size and steel thicknesses of 300 mm.

The company is building on its many years of experience in a broad spectrum of application fields. Its specializations range from ship and harbour crane foundations, offshore and wind energy technology to pressure vessel and boiler construction in power plant and energy technology (e.g. gas turbines), petrochemicals, machine and plant construction right up to construction machines and mining.