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System UFA

Tidy. Clean. Invisible – the underground container lift from H&G

Whether in houses or flats, company premises, restaurants or public buildings, waste disposal is not particularly attractive or aesthetic. Despite all attempts to conceal the waste containers, they remain unsightly and annoying, emit unpleasant smells and attract stray animals and vermin.

For these everyday problems, H&G offers an all-round solution that is simple and clean: UFA – the underground container lift that enables waste bins to vanish inconspicuously under the ground. Electro-hydraulically powered, they can be raised and lowered quickly and reliably whenever the need arises – so the bins only come to the surface to be filled or emptied.

Variable Capacities The underground container lift is available in different models, enabling it to provide sufficient space to accommodate both 240 litre household rubbish bins and 1,100 litre roll-on/roll-off containers. Safely under cover A powerful motor ensures that the waste containers can be lifted and lowered quickly and reliably. In the process, it also lifts up the base plate to close the open pit and so guarantees that the containers can be emptied safely.
Customized surfaces The surfaces of the container lift can be individually designed and consequently adapted harmoniously to the respective surroundings. Disposal made even easier The UFA system can be fitted with various infeed columns to make disposal of household waste and recyclable materials faster and even more convenient.
Precise control with ID system To prevent unauthorized disposal of waste in your containers, the UFA container system can be fitted with the so-called “ID  system”, an identification system that registers every time waste is deposited in the containers, enabling usage to be controlled precisely.