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System EUROPABio

Impervious to water, clean and hygienic

The collection and disposal of wet and organic waste poses very special challenges for the waste collection containers, as organic waste undergoes decomposition processes which lead to unpleasant smells and contamination.

H&G Entsorgungssysteme GmbH offers an innovative and clean solution for the typical problems of organic waste disposal.

The underground container collection system EUROPAbio was specially designed for collecting and storing organic waste under the ground. Its completely closed design provides a solution that is both innovative and clean.


1. Column
2. Filling chute
3. Inspection door

4. Quick change device
5. Exchange collection container
6. Safety platform
7. Concrete foundation container

Convincing arguments in favour of EUROPAbio

Completely water-tightEUROPAbio collection containers are completely closed at the bottom. This stops any liquids that may arise from seeping out, thus preventing any contamination of the concrete foundation. Separation of liquid and solid wasteLiquids and solids are separated and, during the emptying process, can be checked and cleanly disposed of separately. This reduces decomposition processes and the resulting odours.
Sophisticated ventilation systemA sophisticated ventilation system slows down the decomposition processes inside the container, enabling the waste to be stored longer without resulting in unpleasant odours. No additional costs for disposal companiesExtreme flexibility: EUROPAbio collection containers can be emptied using all usual lifting systems and can be integrated into existing concrete foundations. This way, no additional costs are incurred for waste contractors.
Easy maintenanceCleaning and maintenance of the exchangeable containers can easily be carried out by one person during the emptying process. The quick change system works without any tools.

Functionality right down the line

Lifting systems

Kinshofer mushroom system

Two or Three hook system

Volumes 2-5 m³
Fully welded, water-tight collection container
Closed collection container, without any bottom flaps
The containers are emptied by means of a turning and tipping movement outside the concrete foundation container
Quick-change system of the collection container
Smooth walls make emptying easy
European patent pending

Extremely versatile


Residual waste




Light packaging




Organic waste