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The underground container collection system EUROPA from H&G shows what modern waste disposal in public places can be like. The collection containers disappear completely under the ground, leaving only the small, rather unobtrusive loading chute visible on the surface. This is H&G’s solution to the problems typically linked with public collection points for waste and recyclable materials. These have often been an eyesore on the cityscape, resulting in noise and unpleasant odours that disturb local residents.

The EUROPA system makes the living environment tidier and more attractive, improving the quality of homes and lives. As the containers are now underground, disturbances from unpleasant smells and noise are no longer a problem and disposal of glass, for instance, no longer needs to be restricted to certain times.

Functionality right down the line – regardless of the waste fraction

More and more communities are looking for collection systems that can eliminate the existing drawbacks of public collection points for waste and recyclable materials and present a clean and tidy living environment. With its expertise and experience, H&G puts itself at the very centre of this development. The EUROPA underground container collection system from H&G solves these problems and has also succeeded in combining aesthetics with functionality.

Optimal handlingExtreme functionality is not all the EUROPA system has to offer. The access height on the columns is only 85 cm, perfect for elderly people, children and wheelchair users. Optional fall brakes reduce the noise of materials thrown in and the containers can also be lined with noise reducing insulation material on request. And with its elegant, rounded forms, the design is quite attractive, too! Extra large infeed openingsThe noise reducing, extra-large infeed openings allow uninterrupted filling and ensure the material is spread evenly in the underground container. The H&G filling chutes can be made of aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel.
Cost reductions thanks to fewer disposal journeys The hot-dip galvanised steel containers can accommodate a good 3 to 5 cubic metres. This replaces 20 large 240 litre waste bins, resulting in cost reductions due to fewer disposal journeys. Safety first when emptyingFor emptying the underground collection containers, disposal companies can use all current lifting systems. During the disposal procedure, the open concrete foundation is automatically covered and closed by a heavy duty safety platform.
System EUROPA with swivel armAn attractive alternative model is the System EUROPA with swivel arm, based on the widely used Grumbach lifting system. EUROPA with the swivel arm can be combined flexibly with advertising or information surfaces or urban furniture. This can lead to an ideal combination of practical benefits and attractive location design.

Large filling chutes, larger capacity – EUROPAplus

The H&G underground container collection system EUROPAplus was specially designed for large housing estates, but also for service stations and parks that generate high waste volumes. Its feeding openings for the various waste fractions are larger than those on the H&G EUROPA system and especially user-friendly. The underground collection containers, however, are identical to those used in the proven EUROPA systems.

Uniform infeed columnEUROPAplus provides an infeed column which is the standard model for all the various waste fraction and lifting systems. The column access height is only 85 cm, perfect for elderly people, children and wheelchair users. The housing is made of powder-coated stainless steel and guarantees both a long service life and an attractive appearance. As an option, an anti-graffiti coating can also be applied. Large filling chutes with variable content volumeThe extra-large EUROPAplus filling chutes enables feeding to continue, even with higher waste volumes. Depending on the application, chutes with capacities from 20 to 80 litres can be selected individually. Once filled, the chute is closed by gas pressure and locked. To ensure safety, the closing mechanism is slowed down automatically before the chute closes flush with the column.
Needs-based waste disposal and access controlTo prevent overflowing waste containers in residential complexes, parks and other public places, H&G can supply an electronic level indicator as an option. This device notifies the waste contractor of content levels so that containers can be emptied when necessary. This way, waste contractors can plan routes more flexibly and reduce their costs. To allow only authorized users access to the underground system, the filling chute can optionally be secured with a conventional cylinder lock or a modern electronic identification system. Easy disposal logisticsThe EUROPAplus underground collection containers are emptied in the same way as all other H&G EUROPA models: they simply get hooked. The hooks aren’t usually visible on the container but can be attached to the exterior to speed up the operation. All usual lifting hook systems are available.

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