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Screw Compactor

compact – powerful – fast

For decades our Screw Compactors have been H&G’s central and most successful product. More than 6,000 Screw Compactors installed worldwide speak volumes about the expertise of H&G and make us the technological and market leaders in this sector.

Compact and fast – through their powerful compaction of large volumes of waste and recyclable material, our Screw Compactors can double the transport weights achieved by hydraulic systems. This enables the rising tide of waste and recyclables in logistics and retailing to be controlled. Disposal processes in trade and industry can be organised more efficiently, making the most of cost-cutting potential.

Made in GermanyA certified specialist company with a high degree of in-house manufacturing located in south Westphalia. Technological and market leaderAs the technological and market leader, we supply our products to over 35 countries across the globe.
Long service lifetimeThanks to their compact design and electromechanical direct drive system, H&G Screw Compactors are completely reliable and low-maintenance. They are also very robust and have a long service lifetime. Find out more High-level compactionWith up to 100% more filling weight compared to conventional hydraulic compaction systems, transport capacities can be optimised and CO² emissions cut.
Wide range of types and versionsSpecially developed feeding devices, like the cardboard pre-crusher or wood crusher guarantee a high throughput even with large volumes of waste or recyclable fractions. Find out more Customer-specific solutionsH&G supplies both static and mobile Screw Compactors. We will create the ideal solutions for your structural conditions and operational procedures.


With H&G Screw Compactors, dealing with your waste disposal operations is reliable, fast, clean and economical.

With Screw Compactors from H&G, there’s nothing you won’t be able to crush! Thanks to their compact design and electro-mechanical direct drive system, H&G Screw Compactors operate completely reliably and are low-maintenance. They are also very robust, have a long service lifetime and are user-friendly. Whether you need to compact paper and cardboard, wood and euro-pallets, foils or PET bottles, the separately driven feeding devices, specially designed by H&G, are adapted to the respective waste or recyclable fractions to guarantee smooth operation and a high throughput, even for large dimensions or special materials.

  1. Screw spiral
  2. Main drive motor
  3. Screw spiral bearing
  4. Pinion
  5. Control panel
  6. Central lubrication unit
  7. Feeding device
  8. Machine ratchet
  9. Locking catch
  10. Exchange container

Type variations

Stationary Screw Compactors


Screw Compactor without feeding device

Fractions: foils, residual waste, polystyrene, pre-crushed PET bottles


Screw Compactor with whirler

Fractions: paper, cardboard, small cardboard packaging


Screw Compactors with heavy duty cardboard feeding device

Fractions: heavy duty cardboard and flat cardboard packaging for manual and automatic feeding


Screw Compactors with cardboard pre-shredder

Fractions: heavy duty cardboard and flat cardboard packaging for automatic feeding


Screw Compactor with guiding tube

Fractions: wood, non-returnable pallets for manual loading


Screw Compactor with wood-crusher

Fractions: wood, euro-pallets


Screw Compactor with PET deformer

Fractions: PET bottles, plastic bottles


Dewatering Screw Compactor

Fractions: fruit and vegetables, beverage and food packaging

Double Screw Compactor

Mobile Screw Compactors





Bin-Lifters, rail-track units for container and control technology complete the range.

No matter how different your structural and procedural conditions may be, we will adapt our Screw Compactors precisely to your environment.

Control technologyTo guarantee reliable working processes and optimal work safety and to simplify process steps, H&G offers its customers on request a control system with additional service modules: automatic remote diagnostics, identification of error sources, “Full” messages sent to the disposal company. Bin lifterWhether mechanical, electric or electro-hydraulic, our bin lifters for a range of different containers make your staff’s job much easier. Costs, time and personnel deployment can be reduced to a minimum. To the Bin lifter page
Automatic feedingH&G Screw Compactors can also be filled with materials by means of internal transport systems consisting of conveyor belts or roller conveyors, which operate over several floors or levels and can also have additional openings for manual feeding. Suction systems can also be used for feeding via a rotary valve, in order to dispose shredded paper or granulated plastic, for instance. Dust extraction unitThe H&G dust extraction unit is an economical and effective solution, ideal for any applications that lead to dust formation. It contributes to improving the air quality for your employees.
Container rail-track unitIf structural conditions make the container inaccessible for the disposal vehicle, H&G can supply a container transportation unit – fast, clean and adjustable to every location.


We adapt our Screw Compactors flexibly to your individual needs and structural conditions.

Our H&G Screw Compactors can be adapted flexibly to your individual conditions. Stationary Screw Compactors form a unit with the removable roll-on/roll-off container, which is simply removed and replaced when full. Besides this, H&G also supply mobile solutions, in which compactor and container form a fixed portable unit, enabling highly flexible space utilization. In addition, H&G also offer Double Screw Compactors in a range of variants, which enable even higher throughput levels to be achieved.

Feeding from ground level
Feeding from a ramp
Attached to a building
Special compactor with modified machine housing
Space requirement