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Bin Lifters

Waste and recyclable materials are normally generated at different places in the operational procedure and are therefore first collected in smaller containers. A useful aid for feeding is a bin lifter, which picks up the containers and empties them into the Screw Compactor. Whether mechanical, electric or electro-hydraulic, our easy-to-operate bin lifters make your staff’s job much easier.

Body-friendly and ergonomicDeployment of a bin lifter enables staff to work ergonomically and prevents health-damaging stress on spine, joints and muscles through lifting heavy loads. Time-saving and efficientBin lifters speed up the work with Screw Compactors, giving the staff more time to spend on their real tasks. This reduces the time requirement to a minimum.
Individually adaptableThe electro-hydraulic bin lifter can be adapted specifically to a wide range of different containers. Type variationsThe bin lifter is available in three different variations: mechanical, electric and electro-hydraulic.