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System City

Overflowing waste containers in public spaces are unfortunately a common annoyance. And no wonder, because the sizes of public waste containers have remained more or less unaltered for decades, despite huge increases in waste volumes during the same period.

Wherever large quantities of waste need to be disposed of on a daily basis, the Underground Container Collection System CITY from H&G is ideal – quick, clean and economical. The greater part of the CITY system disappears underground, leaving only an elegantly designed infeed column on the surface that blends harmoniously into any environment.

Easy to empty Emptying the CITY underground system is quick and easy. The waste is simply vacuumed up through a separate shaft – using a suction device that is standard equipment on all large and small street sweeping vehicles. Economical and ecological The large, up to 1,000 litre capacity of the underground container enables emptying cycles and personnel requirements to be reduced. Fewer disposal journeys also mean lower CO² emissions.
Easy installation The infeed column is mounted on the hot-dip galvanised steel foundation container, which is simply lowered into the ground. Depending on the conditions, the installation can be completed in a few hours without any problems. Customized design If you would like an infeed column in an individual style, for a historic old town, for instance, we can provide special customized designs adapted to individual locations.