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Specialist for Compactor Systems and Underground Container Collection Systems

For more than 20 years, H&G has been a pioneer in the field of future-oriented disposal systems. This is where our success lies, based on the continuous, persistent improvement of innovative products and systems – resulting in technological and market leadership.

H&G designs and manufactures customer-specific disposal solutions for leading chain stores, industrial and logistics enterprises, for cities, towns and local authorities, as well as for disposal companies – and thus for the modern housing industry.

The focus of our portfolio is the Screw Compactor, for the efficient compaction of large volumes of waste, and the Underground Container Collection Systems for collecting recyclable and waste materials underground.

Compactor systems Underground Container Collection Systems

Our Products

Ideas for a clean environment

Compaction of waste and recyclable materials

Most of our customers are struggling with an ever increasing mountain of waste and recyclable materials and although it is not one of their core operations, it is extremely costly and time-consuming. But mostly, there isn’t only enormous potential for saving money in disposal; the recyclable material can also generate profit, provided the correct waste compaction equipment is used. With its Screw Compactors, H&G will not only make your work easier, but also help to make savings in time and personnel.

The more you compact your waste, the more you can achieve optimal utilization of your disposal container capacities. This extends emptying intervals and makes optimal use of transport capacity. With H&G’s solutions, dealing with waste disposal is reliable, fast, clean and economical.

Underground Container Collection Systems

Waste disposal and collection of recyclables at communal collecting points is still necessary, but unsightly groups of containers in public spaces are not. Such eyesores are rapidly disappearing, as local authorities increasingly attach importance to clean and tidy cityscapes and residential environments.

H&G’s ground-breaking underground collection systems are putting waste disposal and collection of recyclables under the ground and out of sight. Here, H&G is rightly regarded as a pioneer in Europe for its award-winning, future-oriented waste disposal concept. Increasing numbers of communities and providers of residential complexes are changing to our innovative underground collection systems.

A forward looking and aesthetic solution

Unsightly waste bins or recycling containers disappear beneath the ground, leaving only the small, unobtrusive collection column visible on the surface. The harmonious design and elegantly rounded shape make it a pleasantly attractive sight.

Clean and hygienic filling and emptying

H&G Underground Container Collection Systems enable the best possible standards of cleanliness and hygiene to be maintained, while keeping the noise caused by filling and emptying to a minimum. They are compatible with all current lifting equipment such as double or triple hook techniques, the Kinshofer mushroom system or the Grumbach system.

Free and easy access

The optimal infeed height and large, variable infeed openings make this accessible system easy to use for senior citizens, children and people in wheelchairs.

Fewer disposal journeys

With their large capacity of up to five cubic metres, replacing the equivalent of 20 large 240 litre waste bins, H&G’s underground collection containers need an emptying much less frequently, thus reducing costs and CO² emissions due to fewer disposal journeys.